A Brief Introduction

Oral Academy is a modern platform for communication between colleagues. It is a new medium for sharing experiences and ideas. The platform is created by a young team and aims to shorten the distance between dentists in the virtual space and to assist them in more difficult clinical cases.

The platform has an active Facebook page, announcing the main publications and news, as well as a group where you can discuss everything in the field of dental medicine. The site has already published many useful materials that are free to download. Some of these are questionnaires for assessment of the patients' medical status, various informed consent, a brief guide to antibiotics used in odontogenic infections, and many more.

The best marketing strategies for the development and promotion of dental practices include many different methodologies, such as creating a unique and memorable logo, media advertising with short and informative text, building and maintaining a rich patient database, maintaining a dental newsletter.

But apart from the basic elements mentioned above, we also need to pay attention to the design of the clinic, which in recent years, especially, has undergone major changes to more sophisticated and innovative solutions. We can safely say that more and more of modern dental practices are separating from the old and conservative styles.

One of the most important components when designing an office or clinic is the choice of primary color.

Every marketing expert knows full well how important the role of color choice is and how strong its impact on people's subconscious is.

For this reason, teams of psychologists and marketing experts have conducted research into how different colors and shades affect patients as well as clients in different business areas.

It appears that the role of color in dental practice is more important than in any other business field. The reason for this is that the essence of dental work involves the use of different materials and colors that need to be evaluated and compared with natural fabrics, without the surrounding colors preventing it.

When creating a new practice, we need to think carefully about the logo. It should catch the eye of the patient and be memorable, evoking a strong, positive sense of brand and associated solely with your practice. It may include different colors and shapes.

In favor of the theory of strong color influence, we will add that, according to the study, color matters even in direct dental online marketing. Based on the results it is recommended to use a variety of colors to create a creative format.

Let's go back to dental practice again. It should be such as to create a sense of calm, security and comfort for patients. This condition, accompanied by impeccable service and treatment to them, greatly guarantees their retention, as long-standing, loyal patients.

In this article, we will list some of the most popular and appropriate colors, the use of which is recommended, both for creating practice and for decorating marketing campaigns.

First place in the ranking is red and blue, together with their various shades.

Sharp red shades are the most powerful force to attract attention. Therefore, this color is often used for marketing purposes. However, new studies show that its use should be moderate, especially if used for dental practice design. A small amount of red is added to your logo or as an accent in the practice itself.

Blue is one of the most popular colors used in the business. It creates a sense of confidence but also a slight distance. Gaining patient confidence is the most important step in retaining long - standing, loyal patients. Start getting into their subconscious from afar by adding blue hues to your practice as well as to your business cards and all other promotional material.

In addition to the two colors considered, green and purple also play an important role, with the latter having a particularly strong influence on the ladies.

Green is the color of nature. Creates a strong sense of calm and security in patients. Therefore, this color is extremely suitable for dental practice itself. You can paint the walls in pale green tones, especially in the room where the dental unit will be installed. This will help them not to feel stressed during healing procedures and will help to have a more positive overall experience.

Purple is a favorite of ladies. This should be borne in mind when performing direct dental marketing. For example, add a little purple to the base blue of your brand, and purple touches to the base green will give a positive feeling to your clients.

According to the study, the colors you should avoid are brown, golden, yellow and all boring color schemes.